Craigslist Marketing vs Attraction Marketing with YouTube Marketing!!

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What Craigslist Marketing is Lacking in the Long Run!!!

We are in the time of nature’s greatest miracle. Click the link watch the video this program-system can easily change your life!

Humans will easily and always be natures greatest miracle but if you look at the things that are not built by God himself and you start thinking about what we have actually been able to build you have to think about the Internet. Back years ago people used to call people that knew the future and new all the answers Oracles. Now with my iPhone you can just sit around and get whatever information is at your fingertips.

Craigslist Marketing: One thing I’ve realized over the years is that if you’re trying to get information the free information is usually the most expensive!!

Craigslist Marketing

Craigslist Marketing

Craigslist: So here’s some really good free information that is not expensive at all. A Couple years ago I was working selling cars a big dealership in the Southeast and they wanted me to get my own leads. Everyday all day there were guy sitting outside watching the front lot waiting for people to drive up so they could run out and get their attention before anyone else. I watch this happen a couple times and I realized that there’s no way that I was going to play that game. So instead I went into the Internet and started trying to figure out how to get my leads to come to me. This is when I started to see the potential of Craigslist Marketing.

Craigslist Marketing and Attraction Marketing

I’m hoping that you know what attraction marketing yes but if you don’t Attraction Marketing is what I practice on a daily basis now that I know the secrets of Marketing. When you put the information into the computer and you put your ads out there people will chase you down trying to get what you have if you know how to do attraction marketing. Without attraction marketing your chasing the people down yourself calling them and recalling them trying to get everything set up so that they’ll actually show up to see you. This is the 1970s 1980s hard-sell and hard closing model of sales. I refuse to be like this. Show them and they’ll buy If they want to buy. This is what dentist, lawyers and doctors do!!

Craigslist Marketing versus YouTube marketing and why YouTube is the attraction marketing platform to use. When it comes to YouTube marketing you can do your video one time and it’ll show up for years to come, you can tell customers what you’ve got you can show them your business, your personality, your inventory next thing you know customers will be hunting you down trying to get information from you this is Attraction marketing. If you get enough leads a lot of them will just go ahead and show up certain leads will show up and you have to sell them once you get to the door. I started getting so many leads that I started selling my leads to the sales people around me.

Craigslist Marketing and YouTube Marketing: Think about that guys you can attract so many calls that you can actually farm out your leads to fellow salespeople for a commission.  You can actually build a bird dog referral system where you are actually able to sell all your leads for a certain price. I get $200 for every car that I sell.

The world is full of epiphanies, somebody’s going to read this and have an epiphany of what they’re going to change and they’ll change the trajectory of their lives because they’re going to actually act on their wonderful new ideas and they’re going to destroy their competition with it!!

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  1. Ahhh well said! Craigslist vs YouTube is definitely a solid topic. It’s always nice when people are hunting you down instead of you hunting them! :D

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