Internet Network Marketing Secrets: What would Robert Kiyosaki Say?

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Here are some of the so-called Internet Network Marketing Secrets!

The terms “Internet marketing” and “network marketing” currently are getting confused, but fundamentally one can be used to promote the other.

Internet network marketing generally means promoting a product using social networking sites and blogs, or through forums or by building an Internet site, and the enormous difference between Internet and network marketing is that network marketers are constantly looking to build a team who also promote their products. One of the best thing is if you’re marketing your product successfully, others who would like to get into the network marketing business will see that success, and they might wish to join your team.

If you promote Amazon products by building your own Internet sites and blogs, what would be a benefit of shifting into a multilevel marketing pro?

Internet Network Marketing Secrets

Internet Network Marketing Secrets

This is the secret inside the network-marketing world when you have initiated a team of Internet network marketing professionals who are also successful, they will be making money for you too, and it won’t take much effort on your end to earn these additional commissions.

It’s quite likely you’ll finish up with a downline team of crowds of people; all making a reasonable income while you get a small bit of their revenue. Affiliate marketing on the other hand means selling a product, and then waiting to sell another product it’s you doing all of the work!

With Internet Network MarketingSecrets leveraging (OPT) other peoples time is the key and the secret, (this is what rich dad has been teaching us for years) and with a downline team of thousands you can see how much simpler it is going to be to become wealthy and free with network marketing.

Say for instance you work 20 hours every week at your network marketing business and you bring on board 20 folks who also work twenty hours each week, then you have leveraged an additional 400 hours of time for yourself every week! Now you’re in the realm of big business owners like the Forbes guys (you might not be as rich as them but your life would be less stressful and you’d have more freedom because you’re a free agent)

Internet Network Marketing Secret Revenue Opportunity

I know some people that earn an income thru both internet marketing and network marketing and in the long run the very successful network marketers end up working less hours and making the most cash. Why?
Because the successful Internet marketing experts always have to keep on top of the most recent products to promote and continually have to build backlinks to their websites and get original content onto their websites on a constant basis.

Logically outsourcers usually do this, but even then you have to find the right writers and the right people to build backlinks for you. Some Internet marketing specialists have Hundreds of websites to control to make a decent living doing it; but I don’t care how simple they are saying it is, it can’t be!

Internet Network Marketing Secrets to know before you think this is a get rich quick. There is substantial degree of failure both in Internet and network marketing; the problem with most people is they want results now without doing any work. We live in a microwave culture and this is a crock-pot business!!!

If you remember that this is the way that you are going to pay for and build a lifestyle of freedom and location independence, then you must stop looking at this business as a spare time interest or something to do just when you feel like it.

Another “secret” is to focus a huge amount of time of your work on learning effective online selling and promotional techniques, with network marketing you will have to find a way to generate a massive amount of qualified leads.

Of course you don’t want to fail, so you naturally should be searching for the best system to follow that will teach you everything there is to know about successful Internet Network MarketingSecrets. That information is here, if you follow this link.

One Response to “Internet Network Marketing Secrets: What would Robert Kiyosaki Say?”

  1. Gladys Laird says:

    I have just been doing this now for 9 months trying to learn to work smart instead of hard. I’m 61, my husband is 71 and still working 10 hrs days 7 days a week to be sure we meet ends at the end of each month. High maintenance , Long story. Loved what you said and is so true, I’m in EN and ALL IN I am also in MLSP. Believe me I’m at this computer 10 to 14 hrs a day trying to learn so we can produce that leverage so we have the income to be financially free. That’s what we’re all in it for, right. I’m stuck. I have GVO as my auto responder because of some back office dishonesty going on with my up line changing my global setting, and landing pages setting, they wouldn’t do much to correct it, so I transferred over being I’m on The Prosperity Team with EN. They do all their stuff through them. I have gotten over 13 opt-in between the last 3 days, but not sure how to get them in to buy. No phone numbers just emais. I send them a welcome letter, or script by back office tools. I guess I could say I am desperate. I love what I do, but am tired of being pulled like pork every which way to do this and do that to get here. I need something substantial to work !

    I have 124 leads, but only one buy in, one pass up. My sponsor of whom wouldn’t speak to me or answer an email for help until I got all in and then had the nerve to try to sell me his package of success for $25,000 done for you success. Well, He got a highly worded message as my grand daughter would say. Can I speak to you? Seriously. I need some one who knows what there doing to give me some precise direction, and advice? I watched your video and you sound like what I need. I do not have much money. I do have a small budget for ads and stuff, but not really getting any action. 417-259-9119. Best time 6pm CST. I live in Mountain Grove, MO.
    Gladys Laird

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